Samman Association

About Us

The Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA) was registered in December 1971 as a Public Charity Trust with a mission to raise epilepsy awareness, increase acceptance of persons with epilepsy and provide relief and rehabilitation to patients and their families. The Bombay Chapter was formed soon after in 1972.

Samman the Epilepsy support group was formed in 1991 when Dr. Pravina Shah got together a group of her patients to celebrate National Epilepsy Day on 17th November 1991 – the first ever National Epilepsy Day.  They enjoyed meeting each other so much that they decided to continue their association. Thus very informally began regular support group meetings with the following Mission:  ‘To be a group that interacts with love and care, where each person is treated equally and with respect, and to work at improving their own quality of life and those of others living with epilepsy’.  Support group meetings continue to date at various locations.

Samman Association registered as a Charitable Trust in August 2012. Its objectives are:

  • To increase epilepsy awareness through various campaigns and education programs that promote acceptance of people with epilepsy and remove fear and stigma.
  • To connect people with epilepsy and their families so that they may share experiences and support each other with love, respect and care.
  • To provide knowledge, resources and training to people with epilepsy and their caregivers to improve their quality of life.
  • To work towards policy change that empowers people with epilepsy in society.

Founder Trustees of Samman Association are:
1. Dr. Bhimsen Singhal (President)
2. Dr. Pravina Shah (Secretary)
3. Carol D’Souza (Treasurer)
4. Dr. Sangeeta Ravat (Vice President)
5. Kavita Shanbhag
6. Dr. Urvashi Shah
7. Ashokbhai Parekh
8. Yogendra Mandrekar
9. Prakash Vishnu Kadam


The purpose of this blog is:

1. To inform of coming events.

2. To maintain updates of all events conducted by Samman.

3. To start a dialogue on different epilepsy related topics.


12 Responses to "About Us"

Good site. keep up the good work

Personally I feel ALL the Members In &AROUND Mumbai be Invited And/or be given a pre-intimation of the coming events

Just send me your cell number and we will put you on a what’s ap group that informs all members about coming events. Also please like my IndianEpilepsyAssn page on Facebook where we put notice of events

Really fantastic,very good way of communicating through blogs,informative, uptodate,lively.
Congratultions for the excellent idea,keep going Ecell,Samman and IEA Bombay chapter

Dr Praveena,Carol Urvashi and others


Congratulations and it makes me realise what a commited group you all are

Found this site to be very informative.

Best Wishes.

Thanks, Carol D’Souza

Interested in joining this group

My son is suffering from epilepsy he is 23

Do you stay in Mumbai? If so can you come for a program we are having at ADAPT auditorium, Bandra Reclamation, KC marg, Bandra West this Saturday 14th from 4 pm to 6 pm sharp. Email me at

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