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If you have any enquiries relating to epilepsy / activities please post your comments below or write to

Carol D’Souza


8 Responses to "Enquiries"

Dear Sir/Maam

I have been diagnosed of JME when I was young while in class 8th or 9th. Currently I am 29 years of age. I am currently working in UK and have been abroad (US and UK) for the last 3 years. I am from Delhi and have been taking cunsultancy from Prof/Dr. A.K Banerjee at the Apollo Hospital in Delhi.
I am enjoying a very active and healthy lifestyle where I do many activities right from playing cricket and tennis, playing for a music band (i play the drums), driving and of course my work as a Software Engineer. I have not faced any issues in the recent past whatsoever of any problems due to the ailment.
Currently i plan to get married. The girl is Indian and stays in Mumbai. However, her parents are concerned about this issue and they have the superstitious belief that this condition will definitely relapse later on in life and this hereditary. I cannot lead a normal life and i will pass on this problem to my children. I have explained to the girl everything, the issues around this and also the medication thing. She has no issues and is absolutely fine knowing all this.
But her parents feel that I am carrying this from my parents. As far as I know, none of my family members (both paternal and maternal) having this issue. I feel i am carrying this because of a injury to my head that happened when i was very young.
I am planning to come down to Mumbai during the Christmas break and will be there till the first week of January 2010.
I really like the girl and I do not want any misconceptions brewing up in their heads due to this.
I would like to come along with my fiance and meet you or if you can suggest/forward a specialist in this regard like Dr Pravina Shah or someone equivalent so that we can meet them and if required get all my tests done again.
I request you to kindly reply back to this mail and clear all doubts that they are having. All efforts to make them understand have failed.
Also your advice will go a long way in building a successful relationship with my to be partner.

Anticipating a positive reply from your end at the earliest.

Warm regards

Require your group support for my sister in law – Poonam Malhotra who is suffering from Epilepsy since childhood and is now 64 years old..

I live at Nashik i am suffering from Epilepsy since childhood now am 38 years old i had attended the Epilepsy awareness program in Mumbai at Kolilaben and Require your group support for myself do you have any group at Nashik kindly reply me.

Not to my knowledge. Offer help to your Neuro to start one😄

is there any chennai chapter?

There is a Chennai Chapter – You could write to the Secretary General of the Indian Epilepsy Association Dr. Saras Rajendran (website: email: regarding whom to contact.

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