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Samman Association will  be having a support group meeting tomorrow at ADAPT, 1st floor, KC Marg, In front of Rang Sharda Hotel, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050 at 2.30 pm.  Focus of the meeting will be friendly mock interviews.  Accordingly we will recommend you for possible trainee vacancies. Please bring your bio data and a letter of application for a job you think you are suitable. Carol D’Souza



It rained and poured yesterday at Pen, yet 94 patients braved the weather and the consequent difficulty getting transport and came for the clinic.  The next clinic is going to be on 17th September and the following one in November would complete 10 years since we started the Pen clinics.  Definitely a reason to celebrate for many people with epilepsy have been helped since then. Carol D’Souza

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Another good turnout, another good meeting.  Our chosen topic this time was “Flowers and Trees in bloom in Mumbai”.  I had done a powerpoint  presentation of the flowers / trees and the audience had to guess the name after which we shared knowledge about the flower / tree.  Some pictures were sent by Samman members and  they explained about them.   The pictures were sent earlier in the day to our whatsapp group members so that they could see them even  if they could not see the PPT clearly.  We also had 3 laptops on which members could watch the presentation.  Well did you know which is Maharashtra’s State Flower? We all learnt about that one – Watch the presentation below. –

Carol D’Souza

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Kavita Shanbhag of ChildRaise has started a Disability Sensitisation tour to meet real life heroes and learn from them and their caregivers about different disabilities.  On their very first trip on 8th June 2017 they came to our Center at ADAPT, listened with rapt attention to our explanation about epilepsy and had many questions. They, of course, were very relaxed as they had just come after their visit to Metaa the Foot Spa that is managed by the Blind. Great initiative Kavita, may you achieve all success. Carol D’Souza

Once again we had a good support group meeting.  We continued with Ego as our topic.  We had a lot more time for sharing and understanding how our behaviour causes unhappiness.  The joy shared amongst members is evident from the photos as they had their tea and snacks.  Mayuri was very happy to celebrate her birthday with us and we thank her for the tasty cake and neuries that was served to all. Carol D’Souza

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On Saturday 22nd April, we had our support group meeting.  This time the focus was on The Ego and ways in which our ego controls us.  As the time was short for such a huge topic, we will continue the same at our next support group meeting.

Two UCB representatives also came for the meeting and spoke of their project and ways in which our members could get involved in the same.

The meeting concluded with a birthday celebration after which members were invited to the launch of the Mita Nandi Community Center at ADAPT.  This program which started at 5.20 concluded around 7.30 pm.  It was a lovely program in which we were happy to partake.

Today Dr. Amit Vatkar on behalf of Samman conducted an awareness program for 75 teachers at Kartik’s High school and Junior College in Kurla . The teachers were very receptive and it was a very interactive session with the teachers having a lot of questions. They thanked Samman Association for this awareness initiative.

Carol D’Souza

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On 7th April ’17 , Dr. Jayanti Mani had an awareness program for the Rotary Club of Mumbai – Juhu . She spoke about epilepsy and the various initiatives of Samman Association . It was a very well received session with the Juhu Rotary members volunteering to help Samman spread awareness about Epilepsy through various forums they have access to.

Pooja Nandi


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