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On Saturday 22nd April, we had our support group meeting.  This time the focus was on The Ego and ways in which our ego controls us.  As the time was short for such a huge topic, we will continue the same at our next support group meeting.

Two UCB representatives also came for the meeting and spoke of their project and ways in which our members could get involved in the same.

The meeting concluded with a birthday celebration after which members were invited to the launch of the Mita Nandi Community Center at ADAPT.  This program which started at 5.20 concluded around 7.30 pm.  It was a lovely program in which we were happy to partake.

Today Dr. Amit Vatkar on behalf of Samman conducted an awareness program for 75 teachers at Kartik’s High school and Junior College in Kurla . The teachers were very receptive and it was a very interactive session with the teachers having a lot of questions. They thanked Samman Association for this awareness initiative.

Carol D’Souza

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On 7th April ’17 , Dr. Jayanti Mani had an awareness program for the Rotary Club of Mumbai – Juhu . She spoke about epilepsy and the various initiatives of Samman Association . It was a very well received session with the Juhu Rotary members volunteering to help Samman spread awareness about Epilepsy through various forums they have access to.

Pooja Nandi

Today Pooja and I spoke at Rosary School, Dockyard Road to their High School, Primary and Pre-primary Teachers and Auxiliary staff members.  They were very receptive and felt that the talk was indeed useful.  – Carol D’Souza

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20 members attended today’s support group meeting.  I had asked Nafisa Haveliwala to write a few words about the meeting and this is what she had to say: “On my daughter Shenaz’s insistence, today I attended a Samman meeting for the first time. And I have to say it was a very good and informative discussion on “Anger and Anger Management” .  Everybody had their opinions and ways of managing anger within their capacity.  The presentation by Carol on the laptop was also too good.  Everyone spoke about how they handle their problems.  It was time well spent and I am very grateful to Carol who takes great effort and pains to do such a lot for Samman the support group, actually supporting each and every member in their endeavours.”

Pictures below uploaded with permission of Samman members. – Carol D’Souza

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Yesterday I spoke at the Rotary Club of Mumbai, Chembur branch, about Samman Association and our activities.  A Q&A session followed the talk.  Their members wanted to know if we had tied up with any previous NGO in the past and whether we would look into doing a joint activity together.  Their members were also very interested to know about epilepsy.

This morning we were invited by students of Government Law College, Mumbai for their festival ‘Shikhar’. At this festival their students sell products made by various NGOs. The festival ends on 2nd March and is open from 9am to 6.30pm. Each participating NGO was given a certificate by Adv.  Mrunalini Deshmukh who was one of the key note speakers and Guest of Honour.

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We were 23 of us at the meeting which as usual began with introductions.  Christopher and Manohar then told us of the fantastic time they had at the National Epilepsy Conference in Patna where they spoke about ‘Living with Epilepsy’ and also performed a skit at the KS Mani Session along with 6 other Mumbai Samman support group members. Their description of events in Patna, sightseeing included, made many members enthusiastic about wanting to attend the ECon 2018!

Members were then asked to speak for 2 minutes on any emotion. Anura offered to speak first and after her each member opened about the emotion they most identified with and ways they coped with the same.  All of us learnt a lot from each other.

The meeting ended with sumptuous burgers and tea.

It was a good experience today conducting an epilepsy awareness program for 25 teachers at the Gundavli – Little Flower High School.  The teachers listened attentively and had called a parent of a child who had epilepsy.  As usual we gave the epilepsy questionnaire pre and post the talk, details of which we will be analysing shortly.  We hope these awareness programs lead to ripples of awareness in the society which would lead to better first aid and treatment of people with epilepsy.

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