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Simple Facts

Epilepsy is a treatable brain disorder.

It can happen to anyone at any age.

If treated early and managed well 70-80% of people get their seizures under control.

1% of the population has epilepsy; most of the adults with epilepsy are working and/or are parents. Children with epilepsy go to mainstream schools. They are living normal lives. Many super successful people have epilepsy such as cricketers Tony Greig and Jonty Rhodes and Olympians Marion Clignet and Chanda Gunn.

Manifestations of epilepsy are varied depending which area of the brain is stimulated during a seizure.  And treatment with anti-epileptic drugs is individual specific. Surgery is an option for some patients.

Negative attitudes towards people with epilepsy are more perceived than real.  People may sometimes view a person having a seizure as a ‘drunk’ and so not give help; to avoid this if you are having active seizures wear some identification, preferably a bracelet stating you have seizures or fits with your home phone number.

Confident, educated persons with epilepsy do really well – which is the same with the general population.  Everyone has some ability, and belief in oneself and one’s ability is key to living a happy and successful life.

Do you believe you can have a happy life in spite of epilepsy? If you have epilepsy or have some experience with epilepsy please comment in the box below.


2 Responses to "Epilepsy"


my name is Michael – and I’m from Austria.
I’m nearly 40 years old and my seizures started when I was 8 MONTHS old ………..

I went to normal schools in Austria.
I started working 19 years ago – and still work for the same employer.
I started to go to university – besides my job – and if everything is going on well, I’ll finish my studies by the June of next year ……..

What I’ve learned – Despite my epilepsy: If you want to do it – you can do everything – even if you have epilepsy ……..


very true all the very best MIchael, even i agree with u very well… even im having epilepsy since I was 10 yrs old when i got my first attack that is grand mal epileptic attack and today im doing well like any other student.:)All the very very best to you….

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