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Hi everyone. Another Sunday 12th Aug 2018 …well spent at the farmhouse at Pen conducting the medical camp which started by 9am and was attended by approx 100 patients . Here I must add that some of our patients have shown a remarkable improvement with regular compliance and have even become parents …below is the picture of one of our regular patients Bhagwan with his daughter….

I guess it is experiences like this that keep us motivated to continue what we are doing as somewhere we know that as an Association we are adding value to the society in whatever little way we can .

The lovely weather just made the place look greener than ever and the weather and the lovely home cooked food took the excitement to an all new level!

….looking forward to the next camp on 18th Nov 2018…

Pooja Nandi

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On this occasion, Samman would like to express its gratitude to all the people who have helped nurture this organization and be epilepsy advocates. However, we would especially like to give our thanks to Dr. Pravina Shah.  Dr. Shah your profuse contribution has indeed made a difference to our lives; your continued guidance and help not only to us but also to our families has given us so much happiness. Your role in Samman’s journey holds great significance and like a true Guru, you took us under your wings only to enable us fly high.  Your simplicity, modesty and most of all your cheerful smile reflect your magnanimous personality and we are thrilled to have you as an integral part of Samman. Thank You Dr. Shah, we are indebted to You!  You truly are a remover of darkness! – Samman Support Group Members

P.S. – On this day we also remember Mr. Ushakant Shah and are thankful for his support as well.


21st July 2108 started off as a beautiful rainy day with us not being sure whether we should have the meeting or not … but thankfully the rains subsided and we had the meeting @2:30pm at ADAPT.  We had 13 members present discussing the topic which was “PURPOSE OF LIFE”.  Wow what a meaningful topic …what emerged were some lovely insights, everyone has their own meaning of purpose.

The senior members of the group are happy doing what they do and giving back whatever, they can in whichever form, that to them is their purpose …for one of the members getting over anger was the purpose.  While the seniors were sorted, the juniors amongst us seemed confused about their purpose, mostly confusing it with work or goals or materialistic things….  besides Anura who said constant self improvement was her purpose in life.

Important points that came out of the discussion was one can have multiple purposes and not a single one. All of us need to get over our fear, be positive make small changes in life to keep us busy. Our thoughts get translated into actions and come back to us. Therefore, it is very important to think positive and be positive. Most importantly we are responsible for our own happiness and only we have the power to make ourselves truly happy.

Carol summarised the meeting saying that being yourself without any masks and being a good human being can be a strong foundation and in the course of the journey every individual shall evolve. She referred to the book ‘Conversations with God’ and talks by Neale Donald Walsch which helped her get a greater understanding of life’s purpose.

Besides the above Ashwini has started drawing again and she showed the murals made by her to all the members, Anura and Karina spoke about their love for pets, Neetu narrated a funny story about a guy she met recently, Tasneem said she was considering gaining employment and Sheela about how she is the treasurer of her building Ganpati which is completing 90 years this year.

The meeting ended with hot samosas and tea; all had a lovely time and we are so looking forward to the next meeting………Pooja Nandi

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At yesterday’s clinic 30 patients made it through pouring rain. Our team of neurologists and Samman supporters began the clinic at 9 am, They found the greenery around the place most soothing and came back to Mumbai feeling refreshed and happy at time well spent!

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Dr. Priyanka Pandey conducted the 4th Manav  Samman meeting on 30th July 2018. The topic was management of epilepsy through yoga. Yoga, an integral part of Indian culture and heritage, is said to bestow good health - physical, mental and spiritual - on the practitioner. There are various types of yoga involving postural exercises (asanas), breath control (pranayama) and meditation. She discussed the astang marg of yoga which includes the eight steps of yoga as follows:

yama, niyam. asana, pranayaam, dhyaan, dharna, samadhi

She also explained how Sahaja yoga, a simple form of meditation, reduced seizures and EEG changes in people with epilepsy. The effect of meditation was attributed to a reduction in the level of stress and enhance the mental and physical health of patients. All the members listened careful and practiced all the yogic asana according to the instructions given by Dr. Priyanka. At the end of session all the members reflected on their experience of the yoga session.

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Manav Samman organised its 3rd meet on 26.5.18.   Dr. Priyanka Pandey (clinical psychologist) spoke about the significance and importance of being mentally health and followed this with relevant games and activities.

Activities were as follows –

  1. ‘Know Yourself’ – each attendee spoke about themselves as well as their qualities.
  2. ‘Pick up the Token’ – under this activity people randomly picked a token paper which had been marked with an activitiy like song, dance, jokes, advertising etc. and they had to perform accordingly.
  3. ‘Yoga and meditation’- under this Dr. Priyanka guided them all on a yoga skill to promote basic concentration and followed this with positive affirmations and meditation.
  4. ‘Playing with Colors’ – in this activity each member of the Samman family put their hands into a colour plate and place it on chart paper with their autograph (see photo).

Playing games or performing certain activities is incredibly important for a personality development – helping to shape key social, creative, language, emotional, cognitive and physical processes. As a result, play therapy can help in a variety of ways, although exactly how will depend greatly on individual needs. The approach is considered particularly important for people who may have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

Happy to inform you that our next Manav Samman meeting will be held on 30.6.18  timing 4.30 onwards.

Was very happy to celebrate Vishnu Rane’s birthday at our support group meeting yesterday.  Many people attended to focus on how they could support Samman Association – some of the ideas: an advocacy group to focus on the rights of people with epilepsy – support on social media: liking and sharing our Facebook page, Instagram and twitter feeds – taking part in on line competitions held by Samman – supporting petitions for people with epilepsy – making videos of their experiences with epilepsy –  creating artistic posts with messages that can be uploaded on social media  – suggestions for interesting topics to be discussed at support group meetings and different excursions we could take etc.  All in all, a very interesting meeting, which I hope, will create more participation.

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