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21st January, 2018 – Mumbai Marathon & Rural Epilepsy Clinic

Running for us was Dr. Jayanti Mani, Pooja Nandi, Rajiv Varaiya, Anura Kenkre, Anthony & Mrs. Goveas, Ignatius Misquitta, Karina Pandya, Chintamani Vartak, Tasneem  and Murtuza Rajkotwala,  Srinivasan Iyer.  Jyanti & Pooja successfully completed the 21km and 10km respectively for our Association whilst the others were our Dream Runners – creating epilepsy awareness.  We thank them  for their efforts and also very specially thank all our sponsors.

On the 21st we also had a successful rural epilepsy clinic at Palghar.  Neurologists Dr. Pravina Shah, and Dr. Rima Chaudhar and General Physician Dr. Wagle attended to patients as well as Physiotherapist Tejal Gosavi.  Samman volunteers helped the clinic to run smoothly. Post camp Lynette has assisted in recording all the data.  We hope that significant learnings come out of this.

Carol D’Souza

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We were happy to see new faces in the new year! We got the first new member of 2018 last Saturday, and were happy to have a couple of old members, whom we had not seen for a very long time, attend this meeting. As usual there was a sharing amongst members, this time about habits they were willing to let go and new ones they were willing to make. May we in 2018 continue having a renewal of participation from Members! Best wishes for 2018!

Carol D’Souza

We celebrated Anura’s achievement on 2nd December at our support group meeting. Anura after doing her Masters in Physics, has now completed her doctorate in Educational Technology from IIT Bombay. Her rather complex thesis involved building models that enable self paced learning targeted to help graduate students think across levels and corelate their laboratory learning to classroom experience.

For this she gives credit to her mother and her guide who believed in her even when she had doubts about her ability. This situation arose after her first year at IIT when she had a viral infection with a seizure disorder. This led to a loss of memory and affected her cognition. She also gives a lot of credit to her neurologist who helped her every step of the way.

The other Samman Members too were encouraged to report about situations they have courageously faced. Srinivasan Iyer, a successful professional (now retired) spoke about the years of effort that went into his rehab after a rail accident.

The meeting as usual ended with tea, snacks and a lot of bon homie.

Yesterday we had our 55th clinic in Pen and celebrated our 10th year. A few details about the event: 2 neurologists and 1 general physician attended to 107 patients. After distribution of medicines those patients who have been coming for over 3 years and have received over 90% attendance were felicitated with certificates and chocolates. Many of them spoke of how their lives have changed after they started regular medication and follow up. Their heartwarming stories were very encouraging. Caretakers at Pen were then given gifts for their selfless work – from arranging for our hospitality whenever we go to creating awareness about the clinic. A surprise awaited us when one of the patient’s family members decided to felicitate all of us who came from Mumbai – doctors as well as Samman volunteers. A few people from Pen from the local Chemist and Sweet shop owners to the Principal of a school nearby who help in creating epilepsy awareness were felicitated, after which all of us enjoyed a sumptuous lunch. This truly made our 10th year a memorable one! Carol D’Souza

Great News!!!! We have a tie up with Radio city 91.1 FM for the National Epilepsy Week. Broadcasts  on Epilepsy Myths & Facts, and Seizure First Aid.

An interview of our President, Neurologist Dr. Pravina Shah that shall be broadcast on Radio City between 3 to 5pm on 12th Nov Sunday.

There are epilepsy commercials that we have created for mass awareness about epilepsy that shall run on the channel from 14th Nov to 19th Nov.

Do listen to Radio city and let us know your feedback on the same .

We could not have hoped for a better program.  46 people attended this session on Epilepsy & Marriage.  People came from  as far as Panvel and Thane.  We invited Marriage Counsellor Yashoda Wakankar from Pune to host this session which was both interactive and informative.   Yashoda who is Founder and Director of Epilepsy Support Group Sanvedana in Pune has been instrumental in getting 25 people with epilepsy married;

Sanvedana Foundation runs a unique activity of “Marriage Bureau for the People With Epilepsy (PWEs)“, and “Matrimonial Meets for the People With Epilepsy“. This activity started in 2008 and is probably the only one in India.   To register log on to


Yashoda Wakankar on the left



13 Members came today and though the number was small compared to previous meetings, there still was a lot of participation. The topic for discussion was ‘Money & My Relationship With It’. As usual all of us learnt from each The meeting ended with a lot of bonhomie over chai and snacks. Look forward to seeing more members at our next meeting.



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